The Beginning

In 1923 Bert Stirling of Paremata and Henry France of Plimmerton came ashore in Onehunga Bay, now in Whitireia Park in Titahi Bay.  They had never met previously, but discovered a common love of sea and sails. They discussed to form a local boating club by holding a sailing race.  It was held in November 1923 between four boats of diverse specifications:

Bert Stirling’s Queenie, Henry France’s Sea Lady, W Fisk’s Wairau, and J Scott’s Scotia.

Frank Sutherland, who later became the Club’s first Secretary, scratched a map of the proposed course in the sand with his toe.

The buoys were a piece of 4”x2” in Brown’s Bay, and a tin in Brady’s Bay. From Gray’s the course followed the north-western side back to a finishing line at Shearer’s Point. Eight boats raced the second race on 1 December 1923; Bert Stirling in Queenie won.

The Evening Post of 4 December reads: “More than usual interest was taken locally by the news that a yacht club has been formed at Paramatta (sic) and the members are to be congratulated upon the success of the first race. It is good to see such fine yachtsmen as Bert Stirling, ‘Moki Mac’ McKeever etc again taking an active part in sport.”  This was a little premature because the Club was formed officially on 15 December 1923 in Dan O’Connell’s tearooms at Paremata Crescent.